Before you decide to color your hair, read this! Your hair depends on it!!

Coloring your hair at home. So many benefits, but it could also be damaging to your hair if you make a small mistake. Personally, I like to color my hair at home because I hate spending the salon money so I look for easy, foolproof ways to do it myself.

After years of coloring my hair back and forth between blonde, black, brown and even blue once, (yes, I colored the tips of my hair blue like Kylie Jenner) I have found ways to protect your hair and find that right color.

Protecting Your Hair:

  • Coconut oil! It’s always a yes and cheap. You can get coconut oil in its gel form or just regular oil. I really like buying it in gel form because I like melting it myself. So, all you’re going to do with your oil is apply just a small amount to your roots and ends and then comb through. If you do this a week or two every night before you apply color to your hair, it will be less likely for you to experience damage. Please do not learn this the hard way!
  • Avoid heat styling a couple weeks before you color. Hair that has already been broken is almost impossible to repair, don’t make it even more less likely by heat styling and putting color on back to back!
  • Have a hydrating, deep conditioner on hand. I really like Mane N’ Tail, Suave’s Humectant Conditioner and Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow. Use this after coloring and every day after that — FOREVER (:
  • Hair repair masks, even if your hair is not damaged or in need of repair. Putting any kind of color on your hair strips it of many nutrients and applying a mask after rinsing out color will make up for those lost nutrients. The best mask I have come across is Phyto’s Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask. You can get masks that will do really well too at grocery stores or a beauty store or even make your own!

Choosing the right color and brand:

  • Before buying color, talk with a stylist or an accredited worker at a beauty store and ask about how you think a certain color would look on you — if it’s out of the norm like red, purple, green, blue, etc. Before I colored my tips blue, I talked with a hairstylist who told me that I would love it and that it was trending. When I asked about doing different colored tips, she told me my best bet would be blue. She was completely honest and sometimes another opinion besides your friends’ can be really helpful.
  • The basics: blonde, black and brown. These are the easiest colors to work with and almost fool proof. * If you bleached your hair and want to go back to brown, mix the brown color with a color base of red! If you don’t your hair will, I repeat: WILL turn green. I may or may not know this from experience.
  • Buying color from a grocery store/convenience store or wherever: Revlon’s Soft Black box color has always been my favorite. It’s literally $3 a box and their ColorStay conditioner that comes with it is so great for your hair. I have not used anything else because many will ruin curl patterns and damage hair more than they should because of more chemicals.
  • Make sure you get enough! One box usually is not enough, unless you have really really short hair!

If you’re brave enough to color your own hair at home, keep in mind how to keep your hair healthy in the process. Also, don’t be afraid to try a new color — even if it’s something crazy like bright fire truck red. If you are totally convinced that you love it, that is enough and it will look good. Do your research and compare shades of that color. Look online for people who have the same textured hair as you and see what they look like with the color you want! You’ll definitely be addicted after the first time. I love the feeling of looking slightly different.

Have you ever had a hair color catastrophe?

What color do you absolutely, low-key want to try?


thanks for reading, stay golden



Curls. Waves. Coils. If you have these, you know stress all too well. Some Tips:

From kinky to shiny waves
Growing up a mixed girl, I had constant frustration figuring out how to deal with my thick, kinky and coily hair. I’ve tried all the alternatives: chemical relaxers, brazillian blowouts, straightening my hair almost every day. Of course, I realized later on that none of these things were worth the time because they were simply ruining my hair’s full potential.

Let’s face it. Being a biracial, mixed girl, light-skin — whatever you wanna call ourselves, is tough, but you know it’s worth it! Once a girl figures out how to feel comfortable in their natural skin or hair, that is real empowerment. And not to mention, gorgeous.

Now that I have given my little peptalk, Let’s begin.

I’ve made a concise list of crucial tips I have learned over the years. Wish I had something like this to see when I was younger. Hope it helps someone out!

1. Do not, for heaven’s sake, shampoo your curly head every day! image

If you’ve been shampooing your hair more than twice a week, you may have found yourself in a shampoo frenzy. Your curls suffer from these! Frizziness, loss of softness and shine are just a few of the many shortcoming symptoms. A brand called DevaCurl sells a “fake shampoo” called No Poo which gives your precious, kinky little curls the same cleaning a regular shampoo offers without doing any harm. Of course, conditioning is ALWAYS a good idea. Curls can never be too conditioned — well I guess they could be, but that is too rare. Condition every day, shampoo less. You’ll see instant results.

2. Combs are a curl’s best friend — not brushes! 

Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking: brushing through those sopping wet curls are the fastest way to avoid those tiny painful knots. Yes, it may be faster and easier, but what you cannot see is the breakage. Combs, on the other hand, take a little more time, but save you all that other damage. The best combs to use are wide tooths. Keep one of these in your shower and comb through your hair while you’re conditioning! And later… Voila! No knots and no damage.

3. Put that blowdryer down! Unless you’ve got a diffuser!  

 Blowdryers have two identities. Blowdryer without diffuser = BAD! Blowdryer with diffuser = Better, but if you’re in a hurry, go ahead! Blowdryers lead to frizz and dryness. It is very close to using other heating tools like flat irons. A diffuser attatchment (supposed ease heat and lessen frizziness) can help, but do not use it every day. If you can go without it, do it. Let the sun and the outdoors do its handiwork, that is when your curls will look best! But it takes a little time depending on how much hair you have and how thick, but it’s always worth that hour of drying!

4. Oil! All kinds of oil!

Moroccan oil, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, avocado oil are all so helpful for unmanageable curlies. Oils have all kinds of benefits: quicker drying, shine, less frizziness, detangling. Use them, you’ll be glad, but not too much! A little can go a long way!

5. Use some sort of curl cream every day to style. It’s like curl food. Curlies gotta eat too!  

 DevaCurl and Miss Jessie’s curl creams are among the best curl stylers ever. After your hair is about 85% dry (so pretty much a little damp) apply about a quarter amount of either of these or use them together for really great effects. I like Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curl Cream the best and I’ll usually mix that with a tiny bit of DevaCurl cream. After applying a decent amount all over your curls, separate your hair into two sections vertically — like you’re doing piggy tails. 

Begin by grabbing a small section (about half an inch sections) and twisting it gently, but firmly AWAY from your face. Continue with that section until you have twisted them all in the same direction. They should stay in place, but some might get a little loose and that is fine. If they are not staying in the twists at all, your hair is too wet, squeeze some of the water out using your hands, NOT a towel. Never a towel. Do the same with the second half of your head, twist away from your face all in the same direction in small sections. 

After that you have two options. If you’re in a hurry, go ahead and use a blow dryer with a diffuser, but you’re at risk for some frizziness. If not in a hurry, let it air dry, go do some chores, wash your face, do your makeup, just try not to touch them too much. If some of the twists fall out, go ahead and re-twist them, otherwise leave them alone.

 After your hair has dried about 97%, carefully undo your twists one by one. The best way to do this is split each one in two and see how you like it, then keep spliting. Do not run your fingers through them, it’ll cause frizz! When you’re finished you’ll be one happy curly headed chick!