A Review: NUDE Skincare Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder!


This little bottle can do so much for your skin.

I’ve used this NUDE face scrub that I bought from Sephora for about a month now and it’s definitely one of my favorite skin care items.

NUDE’s Detox face brightener is really cool and fun to use. It comes in a powdery form with little grains in it. Add just a small amount to your hand (about the area of a quarter) and add a few drops of water and it foams magically in front of your eyes. You’ll want to quickly apply to your face rubbing in small circles evenly all over your face. After the scrub has somewhat dried on a little, you’ll want to wash it off with warm water.

It does sting a tiny bit just because it is scrubby and if you have pimples or dry skin, it might sting, but it’s all helpful — trust me!

So this face scrub is really great for your skin. Most of the ingredients are all-natural. The lemon and lime extract helps with brightening. The rose seeds and vanilla seeds are great for exfoliation and cleaning out your pores. The Inca gold oil, coconut oil and acai berry oil are all for protecting your skin from toxins or dirt.

So you’re probably asking when you see some results. Well, I have good news! The very first time I tried this product, my face looked 10x brighter and felt cleaner than ever. Even when I applied my makeup for the day, my bright skin was shining through it! Just use about 3 times a week and you’ll maintain a bright glow!

Final Words:

  • 5 out of 5
  • Great for a quick, bright face
  • Only takes about 3 minutes
  • Fun to use
  • $42, but worth it if you’re looking for something that will work and last for a while
  • Top ingredients are all-natural
  • Instant effects


What would you like me to review next? Wanting to try something, but don’t want to risk the money or time? Let me know below!


thanks for reading! stay golden


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